picture [pik′chər]
[ME pycture < L pictura < pictus, pp. of pingere, to PAINT]
a) an image or likeness of an object, person, or scene produced on a flat surface, esp. by painting, drawing, or photography
b) a printed reproduction of this
2. anything closely resembling or strikingly typifying something else; perfect likeness or image [to be the picture of one's mother, the picture of health]
3. anything regarded as having the compositional beauty of a painting or drawing
4. a mental image or impression; idea
5. a vivid or detailed description [a picture of the times]
6. all the facts or conditions of an event, collectively; situation
8. FILM (n. 5)
9. the image on a television screen
pictured, picturing
1. to make a picture of by painting, drawing, photographing, etc.
2. to make visible; show clearly; reflect
3. to describe or explain
4. to form a mental picture or impression of; imagine
in the picture or out of the picture
considered (or not considered) as involved in a situation

English World dictionary. . 2014.